There will be obstacles but with hard work
there are No Limits!

Team no limits is het ambassadeursteam van het Revalidatiefonds. Door modder en water bewijzen Johan, Jacco, John, Tamara, Rick, Michael en Nynke dat een handicap absoluut geen beperking hoeft te zijn. Boksen? Dat kan toch ook met een prothese? Rennen? Dat kan toch ook op krukken? En ook de monkey bars met een hand zijn een uitdaging die team No limits niet uit de weg gaat. Team No Limits doet mee aan grensverleggende sportevenementen.

If home is where the heart is, we welcome you to our house of mudd. We are Team No Limits, the ambassadors of the Dutch Rehabilitation Fund. We believe that a handicap is not a limitation. Boxing? Let's use a prothesis! Running on crutches? Absurd! But we make it happen. Monkey bars with one arm? Let's rock those bars! Together we fight, together we sport and together we conquer. We take part in groundbreaking sport events.



Jacco is definitely the wise guy of the bunch. With a heritage of sports


Michael got cancer at the age of 14. Nowadays Miky is killing it on one leg!


You will lose like you've never lost. And then he will beat you again at the bar.


Nynke is our power chick. She just never stops fighting to reach our goals.


Who's our daddy? Rick is our daddy! This optimistic dude is the voice of reason of our team.


Be afraid, cause we got Tambo. This chick is fast like a rocket and strong like a beast.


He is fierce, he is strong and has the endurance of a wolf. Look out for our personal MS Warrior!


He conquered the Himalayas in 2009 with his handcycle and part of Dutch paramilitary team!

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